Receiving prescreened offers suddenly?

Receiving prescreened offers suddenly?Receiving prescreened offers suddenly?
LashesProDags asked 5 years ago

Backstory: Between the ages of 18 and 23, I was the victim of identity theft by a close family member. They completely devestated my credit and because of the fact that we shared the same address and they were close family, getting everything off my credit report was not possible—I was able to get about 10 bad cards off my report but there was one credit card in collections that was seemingly impossible to remove. Because of this and because I had none of my own prexisting *good* credit, it was impossible for me to get a normal credit card after this all happened. At the time, I only knew of a couple of rebuilding cards like FirstBank that had horrible annual fees, so I just kind of gave up at the hope of ever having decent credit. My score was around 615. And I was really, really depressed over all the injustice of it, having had police and lawyers involved. I’d tried to apply for normal cards a few times through the years, but was always, expectedly, declined. I didn’t bother applying for too many too frequently since I know that also can affect your score. Fortunately I’ve had a good job all this time and have never had actual financial problems aside from this credit problem. I have no real debt and I make enough money to afford anything I need. However, I know this may not always be the case for the rest of my life!


Recently, a friend told me about CapitalOne’s credit building card, and I applied for that and set up a $ 300 balance card and utilized about 10-20% of it per statement, making the payment only after the balance was posted, and being sure to keep it within that percentage. It’s been 3 months, and I’m suddenly getting prescreen offers for cards that aren’t rebuilding cards. I know things like salary factor into credit approval and my salary from age 23 to age 30 has gone from $ 30,000 to $ 105,000 but do credit companies that are looking for potential customers even have that information before you actually apply? I know that a prescreen doesn’t guarantee approval (and I’m not really planning on applying yet since I don’t need a credit card) but… is this actually a good sign for me or am I reading too much into it?

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