rebuilding starting from the bottom

rebuilding starting from the bottomrebuilding starting from the bottom
Irenehix asked 4 years ago

So I’ve monitoring these forums for a while, but now I’ll ask for help.  My marriage is in a terrible place due to finances.  My wife has asked to split finances and has done it.  now we are paying things seperately.  This is where my credit is and I want to know the quickest way to 700 scores.  


110,000 student loans still in deferment

225,000 mortgage loan, 17 lates, almost foreclosed, but recovered with job bonus.  Paid on time 12 months since 10/2014

135000 mortgage loan forclosed in 8/2013

8000 judgement from EFedcredit union for charged off credit cards ( nothing paid yet) since 10/2014 )  My credit card is reporting as a Charge Off but every month and I think this is also dragging my score???


1200 BarclayVisa paid on time since 3/2011

23 other credit accounts with spotty lates here and there.  Now all current and on time

12000 balances on credit cards, all maxed out (plan to pay off in the next 30 days with bonus from work) will keep zero balances after that.  


4 medical collections totaling 4000 with the most recent being October 2014.  Where do I start and what do I do?  Is it realistic to get to 700 in a yea


FICO 8 scores 600 transunion  586 EQ   608EXP

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