Rebuilding — overwhelmed! Where to begin?!

Rebuilding — overwhelmed! Where to begin?!Rebuilding — overwhelmed! Where to begin?!
KiffEmpappy asked 5 years ago

Hello! I’ve been lurking for a few months and I’m beginning my rebuilding journey. There is so much information and my head is spinning!


So, my story:

About three years ago, I  got sick, had to take off time from work and my job was eliminated while on leave. I had a hard time finding a job for about a year and a half. During that time, I racked up some bills and lost my apartment. Fast forward, I’m back at work and trying to dig myself out of a serious hole. My TU is 502 and EQ is 540. I have 2 new credit cards, Cap One ($ 650) and US Bank ($ 400) since May. Those are fine; I’m using them for everything and PIF a few times a month. So far, I’ve let about 15% hit my statement and I pay before any interest accrues. My student loans ($ 13000) are in the process of being rehabbed and should be out of default by February. 


There’s the good. The bad and the ugly is as follows:

Apartment $ 6000

Cell phone $ 230

Utility bill $ 400 (Newest item)

Phone bill $ 170

Tickets $ 2400* (My car broke down, was parked in the parking lot because I couldn’t afford to get it fixed, and I got citations for about 2 weeks before it was towed.)

Library book $ 50 (got lost, due to fall off next year)

Credit card $ 0, but some missed payments

Judgement for $ 2000 (Not totally sure… I’m finding out  this week. Possibly related to eviction.)


So, I’m not sure how to attack this. I am hoping to PFD on as many of these as I can. It would be difficult, but I could probably take care of the tickets towards the end of this month. I was hoping to maybe offer half, but my research seems to indicate that it won’t be sufficient. The apartment debt is going to be hard, so it will have to be the last thing. 


Should I try to knock out the bulk of these smaller bills, then the tickets? Or should I aim to PFD the tickets, since they’re reporting as 12 different accounts? Any direction is appreciated!  Looking forward to the responses!

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