rebuilding my credit

rebuilding my creditrebuilding my credit
fashion asked 5 years ago

Well I have not written  anything for quite som time but feel compelled to  tell everyone that my scores are now 623 Equifax and 604 Transunion. My bankruptcy was dismissed in May of 2010. I owe money on my credit card only because if I don’t my scores will drop. Who is out there to contact about this farce?  Who is in charge of this ridicolous scoring system?  I have a lower score now than when I declared bancrupt.  Something is very wrong.  Credit carma shows  much higher numbers but I know that those numbers are not what the lending institues are looking at. I guess I have to give in and get a second credit card. So, people like my father who has never owed anything in his life since he was 11 years old is a credit risk? I don’t think so. He has a store and pays long before he receives his merchandise.  I am the same way,   but institutes do not want me that way. They want me in debt.  In Euorope they operate on  a whole different system.  I am just mad.


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