Rebuilding is boring today…

Rebuilding is boring today…Rebuilding is boring today…
Spups asked 5 years ago

Ughh..I’m sitting here bored reading the forums and seeing everyone’s activity and I want to do something credit-wise RIGHT NOW lol!


My GW letters are in the mail, I’ve requested all the CLIs possible, my CCs are all paid from the weekend’s usage, I’ve made my November, December, and Christmas budgets (and the framework of each 2016 month’s budget), I have PFDs written to be sent when I actually have the money for each, I’m being good and not apping for anything since I know I won’t be approved anyway (I’ve resorted to seeing which SCTs I can get to pop up…none for the record, I took the 2 that would a few weeks ago)….and I still have an hour of work left today (all my work is done and I’m working on next month’s stuff here!)…*twiddling my thumbs and wishing I could be reading the book on my nightstand*…this is the part of rebuilding that’s hardest for me – waiting.

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