Rebuilding help!

Rebuilding help!Rebuilding help!
opagxxgxwe asked 4 years ago

I have a couple of issues that I was really hoping to be able to get some help with.


First, I have a collection account that is minimal at $ 60 and I could easily pay it, but they won’t do a PFD. I didn’t even realize it was in collections until it was on my report, so no way I could have paid it before it posted. I know that it won’t affect my credit either way whether it is paid or not, so what should I do in this situation?


Second, I have another item on my credit report that I’m going to end up having to take to court. I completely dispute the amount and the original company is trying to use incorrect wording in the contract in order to attain that monetary amount.


I am trying to rebuild and I’d love to do it on my own, but it gets tiring and I so badly want to just get a credit repair service to work on it for me.

Credit Repair Report – How To Improve Your Credit Score – Free Credit Score Insider

ecigfan replied 4 years ago

Pretty cool presentation…I learned a couple of new credit tricks from the
rest of the vid you have on your site and I don’t consider myself an
absolute beginner in credit repair stuff.

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