Rebuilding for about 9 months..

Rebuilding for about 9 months..Rebuilding for about 9 months..
pavingTarma asked 4 years ago

I had a 530 score. Still have like 3 collections on file all from Comcast but I know I’ve paid them all cuz I still have Comcast now. Currently I have a CO secured with 500 limit for 9 months. Also have auto finance with CO for 7 months both been paying on time. Tried to increase the secured card but didn’t get to because CO doesn’t do CLI for secured card. I just got a new CO QS1 and Plat with 500 limit each for 1 month. For the QS1 I ran about 3500 through it. Charge pay charge pay it’s annoying. The plat I ran 800 through it. Question is how can I get my credit score up. According to creditscoretotal my score is still between 530-580. How can I get my score up?? Would it increase once the other 2 CO card start reporting?? Also, the way I spent on QS1 if I call in after 2 statement would they increase my credit limit?? My income is 120000. That’s probably only reason why they gave me a car loan.. That and maybe probably I got 2 older car loan paid off. Also have a secured 300 Wells Fargo card on my report as a charge off from 4 years ago why isn’t it showed as paid when they can use security deposit to cover it?

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