Rebuilding Credit – Seeking Advice!

Rebuilding Credit – Seeking Advice!Rebuilding Credit – Seeking Advice!
SamanthaInila asked 4 years ago

Hello Folks!

I am on the road to rebuilding my credit… I paid off 4 derogatory marks today (3 medical accounts, 1 evil T-Mobile account). I was able to negotiate a PFD on the 3 medical accounts for paying in full. The T-Mobile creditor wouldn’t budge on the PFD so I offered 50% of the balance owed to close the account (which he accepted).


My question is… How long will it take for these collections to move from my credit report? I check weekly with Credit Karma.


How high should I wait for my score to get before I apply for a “real” credit card (not a store card or a capital one, which I already have).


Any other tips or advice on how to improve my score? I am paying my balances down to get them as low as possible, getting the baddy marks off, have 99.8% on time payment history.


Thank you for all of your posts, without you I wouldn’t know where to start with rebuilding!


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