Rebuilding continues with a 0.9% car loan!

Rebuilding continues with a 0.9% car loan!Rebuilding continues with a 0.9% car loan!
MangosteenMew asked 5 years ago

Got 0.9% from Nissan!  Put a big chunk down, hammered them on price since it was the last day of the month. Started out at 6.95% from Cap One, ended up with 0.9% in a matter of a couple hours. The pulled Equifax (my lowest) and Experian (my highest) and used Experian. They said it’s different depending on which state you’re in. I told them I’ve been working on my credit for awhile now and have a pretty honest understanding of where I stand. I asked them “How did you get it to 0.9%?” and the finance guy said in a dry voice, “We had to make a call.”


The sales guy came in and told me the wrong %, he said 2.9%. I still would have been happy but, I love that 0 as the first digit! I did have to give up one of the rebates ($ 500) to get to the 0.9% but I was OK doing that. 


Funny thing is, I have an awesome new SUV, and I am happier right now about qualifying for the low rate.



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