Rebuilding after divorce and diving in headfirst

Rebuilding after divorce and diving in headfirstRebuilding after divorce and diving in headfirst
SamanthaInila asked 5 years ago

I’ve posted a couple of things recently and the help I’ve been given has been nothing short of stellar. But now I need to get my hands dirty on a few items and would like some input or direction.

I’m dealing with a medical collection from 2012. It’s for a small amount of 165. I got a letter from the CA today and it has a bill for a missed copay, an admin fee, and a missed appointment. Reviewing my records I see that the appointment was canceled because of a doctor switch. The bill is for my son btw. I have verifiable claims with my insurance carrier showing the new doctor intake date, which before the schedule appointment the CA and original doctor have for the missed appointment. I’ve disputed with the CRA and keeps coming back verified. Should I start back with the doctor and request the no show charge be removed? Been battling this one for a few years now. Drop off date is 2020

Second is a paid for less than owed auto loan. It’s with Chase auto. I settled the account in Feb 2014 and it was for the title. They never picked up the car for repo and just charged off the balance. It’s been a bit and was thinking of sending a GW letter to see if they would remove the account from reporting. Is this the right thing to do or where it’s marked paid for less than full amount should I leave it? Drop off date is 2018

Third is First Premier. I’ve been going at them for inaccuracies among the three and have sent the proverbial email to the listed email in the forums for FPB and filed with the BBB. During this time they updates EQ by deleting the old entry and added a new entry with a new opened date. Of course it crushed any gain I was making and pushed my score back into the 400’s.

I did just get a Cap one secured card with $ 300 limit. Just got it this month and have been using it daily with multiple payments to keep my total balance under $ 100. Called for my statement date, which will be the 17th. My bill will be due on the 14th. If I’ve read the utilization trick right, I need to have my balance under 10% by the 17th?

Sorry this is so long but I’m just jumping into this head first and really don’t want to fail again.

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