Ready to apply–need help

Ready to apply–need helpReady to apply–need help
AngeloHix asked 4 years ago

I finally feel as though I have my ducks in a row. I have next to no debt except about a $ 2000 balance of a $ 35000 available credit limit. My 2013 car loan has 2 payments remaining and my credit scores are steadily going up. Last check I was at 699, 698, and 690 mortgage. I started building credit from nothing in 2012. I was a fool who paid cash for everything. My salary was $ 70,500 last year. I am a nurse, and have been with my company almost 7 years. Two paid collections paid in full from 2010 which were medical small oversights that slipped through in the massive pile of bills from a major health scare. I have a comfortable savings and a sizable 401K. I am nervous that my scores will fall when my car pays off, and I won’t qualify. Is this so?? I’m planning to prequalify the 18th of March, if I prequalify but my score drops after that how is the situation handled by lenders?? Is there anything that I can do if my score drops when my car loan closes without making more debt for myself?? I’m planning on a USDA guarantee loan since most of the new developments in my area of Tennessee are in a region that qualifies for that type of loan.

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