Re: Citi Prestige – New Benefits

Re: Citi Prestige – New BenefitsRe: Citi Prestige – New Benefits
MerrillSab asked 5 years ago

Rather than start a new topic I think I’ll post here, it seems relevant enough. 



I’m looking at this card to use for an upcoming trip. From anyone that has the card, how is it for being able to redeem the benefits? I need to book Delta for the flight and I would like to know how the 50K points get redeemed for $ 665 worth of airfare (according to the website). Also same with the $ 250 credit. If I use the card to pay fees and tickets directly through, does it automatically credit me? Also how easy is it to use their portal for hotels for the free 4th night? We are staying 5 nights in Waikiki and we are planning for a specific hotel and a specific room that we want. Are we able to do that and get the same prices found when booking directly with the hotel?



Thanks in advance for any help. I’m entirely new to travel cards and I want to know before I app and pay $ 450 if this card is going to be worth it.

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