Re-apply after blacklisted date is…?

Re-apply after blacklisted date is…?Re-apply after blacklisted date is…?
dwEts asked 4 years ago

I was looking at weekly update on my Credit Karma (not for the FAKO scores LOL)


I came across looking at Capital One which I included $ 300 limit into my BK7 in March 2015. I looked at the “CLOSED DATE” which shows “MAY 3, 2015”. Got me wondering if they stop 1 year blacklist on that date (MAY 3, 2016)? or still follow blacklist date from filing date in March 2015?


FYI, I still check Pre-Qual, nothing comes up *AND* I cold app’ed once a while with the last being few weeks ago, still declined without any HP.


Thanks and have a great Sunday!Smiley Happy

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