Raising my 644 TU score!

Raising my 644 TU score!Raising my 644 TU score!
GoodvinLels asked 5 years ago

Hi everyone!

So have been desperately trying to raise my score to get approved for a car loan. Locally you need a decently good score to even be considered. I have a 644 EQ, 647 TU, & 648 EX. Yes, the scores are still on the lower side of average but then again I am only 20 years old. Getting them this close to 650 was a major feat, considering I started last year with a 503 TU Smiley Surprised Anyways, I will be getting a significant  raise at the end of the month ($ 3 more an hour). It stinks being a YOUNG adult with little credit history. I make a good amount, never struggle to make my bills, and I have perfect payment history, but I am in dire need of a damn car and I just cannot get a loan! I currently have about 4k in student loans, and an installment loan for a small amount (btw, that’s a credit builder loan, which has helped immensly.) I also have 1 cc ($ 250) which I pay EVERY DAMN month AND only use 30% lol.  I guess that’s enough info for you to gauge my situation, my questions now– Do I pay down student loans & build my credit? (I am still in school but no longer need to take out loans, because I make enough now (YAY!!) but they’re also not due yet). OR do I take a chance and apply once my raise kicks in? My boyfriend has no problem getting loans with high 700s scores, but last time I was shot down immedietaly with hard inquiries on my report. I want some expertise, what would you do?


Needs a Car! 

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