Quicksilver question

Quicksilver questionQuicksilver question
fashion asked 5 years ago

Good morning my FICO friends! I have a question. A couple of days ago I did some product changes on my Capital One Accounts. Originally I had the Platinum MasterCard, Quicksilver 1 MasterCard and the Quicksilver Visa. I switched the Quicksilver Visa to the Venture, and the Platinum to the no annual fee Quicksilver. My regular Quicksilver will never become the Visa Signature because it has to stay at a MasterCard. They can’t change the logo on the cards. I am wondering because I was under the impression that the lowest starting line for the Quicksilver no annual fee was $ 3,000. Well I had my Platinum MasterCard at only $ 1,500. When they did the product change it stayed at $ 1,500. I asked them for a credit line increase using the luv button. When I got my lovely document back, it stated that I recently had a credit line increase, which was in July. I know that typically they don’t do credit line increases of less than six months apart, but I’m wondering if I call if this would be a different situation since technically I’m supposed to be at a minimum of $ 3000, right? Anyone been through this with this particular card or any other cards? Thank you in advance 🙂

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