Quick question re: helping a child with credit

Quick question re: helping a child with creditQuick question re: helping a child with credit
DavidEthix asked 5 years ago

I added my daughter to my NFCU credit card and a month later signed her up for CreditKarma – her score on that site is 759   Just starting all this for her and I have been told to get her on a secured card as well.  QUESTION:  If I use the NFCU for the secured card does that hurt/help?  I have never used any other banking establishment but NFCU and have read to have it with a few different banks/credit unions.  Just need info on that.


1) If getting her a secured card would help please advise and/or 2) if it should be with a different bank..  She has a job and is learning the ropes to credit, I guess we both are since I never really used it much for years and year though my score is high.  Thank you in advance for any tips or advice.  If I should leave it alone as is please advise that as well. 


Thank you again



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