Questions Regarding CC Balances for Improved Scores

Questions Regarding CC Balances for Improved ScoresQuestions Regarding CC Balances for Improved Scores
NetMiner007 asked 4 years ago

As far as rebuilding my credit and achieving better scores and CC offers, what’s the best balance to carry ??? What I mean by that is, let’s say I have a 5K CL on a Cap One. Is it best to use it alot, charging let’s say 4K in a month, but paying all or almost all of it prior to closing, thereby having your bill show zero or minimal due ?? Reason I ask is, on my CR for all my new CC’s, even though I’ve never had a bill due with more than a $ 100.00 total balance, my CR’s still show the highest total I’ve charged on each card, even though none of them ever closed, and thus billed me with those totals. To me, that looks bad. If I have a 2K CL, charge up 3K during that month, making multiple payments, my CR still shows 3K as the highest total I’ve owed. It also shows the total amount due, minimum payment, etc.. But I don’t understand why it shows the maximum I’ve actually charged on each card, in addition to the actual amount owed or closed for each month. Help me understand. I’m tending to now use my debit card instead of my CC’s because of this. But if I don’t charge alot to my cards, thus showing I can handle a high usage, than how do you receive higher CL’s on each card you currently use, and any future cards you apply for. I just don’t get the ideal card usage. Thanks

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