Questions about CA and CO on my CR

Questions about CA and CO on my CRQuestions about CA and CO on my CR
Niikolay asked 5 years ago

I searched for awhile on these topics and couldn’t pin down an answer for my situation. There are two accounts in question. One is an old HSBC account opened in 02/2006. On EQ, it is considered a CO with first deliquency at 12/1/09 and a $ 0 balance. On EX, it used to say Paid after Charge/Off and closed as derogatory. Now it says Credit Line closed/Reason Unknown or by consumer request/there may be a balance due. It says Closed- account in dispute reported by subscriber (FCBA). On TU, it says it’s a paid collection/closed 7/1/10. My question is why are they all reporting different things and also Sherman/LVNV, Resurgent keeps sending me collection notices. I got one in the mail a week and a half ago right before I disputed them. Do I have to respond or does the dispute respond for me? 


My other account is an old B of A account. On EQ, it is a CO marked at 12/09, it is not on TU and on EX it is also a CO. Cavalry Portfolio tried to collect from me years ago and I sent them a validation request and settlement offer. They sent a letter back 6 months later saying the debt was too old, they will stop trying to collect, and they will no longer sue. I still have the letter. Unfortunately I didn’t remember I received that letter and disputed the account on EQ a few days ago. Now it says it’s being sent to Collections. Can it be sent to collections if I have a letter from Cavalry saying they ceased their efforts?


Sorry for the two questions at once but I am baffled by both and what I should do next. In Colorado, I see statute of limitations at 6 years. That means I can’t be sued come 12/15 right? So I have 8 months to hopefully not get sued is my assumption here. Thanks in advance for all your help! 

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