question regarding less than 10% utilization

question regarding less than 10% utilizationquestion regarding less than 10% utilization
dwEts asked 5 years ago

I have 3 accounts currently reporting..

Cap 1 platinum mastercard limit 200$

Cap 1 quicksilver limit 500$

Fingerhut recolving acct limit 400$ .

To be at optimum utilization..shoukd i play both cards in full and leave fingerhut balance at abt 9 % of the 400$ ?i bought an item and am into my third and final payment.mhave abt 25$ balance.

Or is the optimum way to go..leave fingerhut at zero and one card at zero..and have one card report 9%?

Trying ti find out what is ideally recommended in such a scenario. I also have express , vs, j crew cards on the way but want to figure out optimum utilization before these start appearing on my report.


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