Question concerning a collection dispute

Question concerning a collection disputeQuestion concerning a collection dispute
Terrykiz asked 4 years ago

    A short back story first. I had a major surgery in 2012. Same year my son had to visit an orthopedic for some rehab. I racked up some hefty bills and have paid most of them off under a repayment plan with them. Under the plan I was under the impression that all of the bills were under the plan and paying on them religiously so they do not get turned over to a CA an report on my credit. So far it has worked. In May I pulled my credit report and noticed a collection on my report for $ 170 from a local CA dated 03/16/15. I immediately called them when I saw it and inquired about it. I asked them if I paid it right then would they remove it from my report and the lady told me she would call me back the next day. She did so and told me that their policy was to report anything over 60 days and it cannot be removed because I was 2 weeks beyond the 60 day mark. I asked for the balance and she said $ 161.53. I paid it right then. So my credit report is now showing it as paid but still shows the amount as $ 170.00. The problem I have with this reporting is that I never received a letter or phone call from the CA. The lady stated that they sent 3 letters. I never received them. Had I received them I would have paid promptly and not be in this mess.

     My question to the board is whether or not I should write a respectful letter to the CA and ask for removal. Yes, ultimately it is my fault, I understand that, but this collection is hurting my score. Should CA’s have to prove that I received a letter or is simply stating they sent them out enough? Should CA’s have to send via certified mail?

    I had 2 other collections a year or so ago. I successfully negotiated one off and my score dropped when it disappeared after it was paid. The other one is from the same CA I am speaking about above but I was aware of that one ($ 95.00) which I paid but is now abot 3 years old.

    Should I just let it sit there and report as paid or should I try to negotiate it off? My current MyFico scores are EQ – 670, TU – 679, EX – 669 and I don’t want them to fall any lower because  have worked hard at rebuilding.

   Thanks in advance.


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