Question about self employment income ??

Question about self employment income ??Question about self employment income ??
KeithSix asked 5 years ago

OK – My income is easily proven – I have w-2’s and pay stubs for both jobs.  DH”s – not so much.   He is self employed and is contracted out at between $ 600-800 a week – However, he has only been doing this since the middle of May.    You can see his deposits on his bank statemnt -but obviously I don’t have 2 years of tax returns to average out for him.  


Are we going to be able to use his income on an app?    We are really close on the DTI with my income alone – especially when we have to enter a payment amount for my student loans that are in IBR at $ 0 – we will have to assume a payment of $ 200/mo.


we have to be at/under 40% DTI for the program we want to use……with him – totally make it – and then some – me alone – we come in at 39.8% which is kinda pushing it……

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