Question about reporting

Question about reportingQuestion about reporting
fashion asked 5 years ago

back in 2013 I had a jewelery item for around $ 3000 that went to charge off in 2014(never hit my report), the inhouse collection agency then passed the debt to another collection agency which HAS hit my report all 3, but was never paid so that collection agency passed it back to the original in-house collection agency which i then settled on feb. 19 2016. I have all the documentation of the settlement and the invoice of being paid in writing.


My question is the Old collection agency who HAS hit my reports is still reporting a balance as charge off bad debt, would  that need to be deleted since they no longer have it? 


also is it to soon still for anything to change should i wait it out?

not sure how it should play out or what my next steps are?



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