Question about promo APR

Question about promo APRQuestion about promo APR
KiffEmpappy asked 4 years ago

I was approved for the Chase Freedom card in August. The promo was 0% apr for 15 months then 13.99 apr.


I have to have some dental work done (almost $ 5k worth).  If I put this on my chase card and don’t get it knocked out by Nov 21st 2016, will the interest be on the remaining balance or of the original charge?  


I am looking at options of using an existing card that will put me at 15% utilization or 50% of my chase acct vs taking another inquiry, a hit to my AAoA and hoping my Sl is enough to cover it with care credit. I am also looking around to see who has a longer promo 0% apr.  Any input, suggestions, ideas etc would be appreciated!

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