Question about NO DOCS home loan.

Question about NO DOCS home loan.Question about NO DOCS home loan.
Korot.Ira asked 4 years ago

Hello ,

I wanted to ask if it would be possible for me to get a mortgage without Income verification.( self employed )

I have never owned a home.

Been renting apartment in NY ,same apartment for 11 years , never late on rent. ( Can get letter from landlord about rent payment history 11 years $ 1400 a month )

Want to move to Florida, Kissimmee area. Home would be arounf 200k to 215k max.

I do have a down payment 30% to 40% for 215k loan.

Credit: thick file.  about 585k available credit. total overall balance around 1200. so 0% utilization.

Credit score: Mostgage score on this site from experian is 724.

but other fico scores are experian 812, equifax 818, TU 789.

I will also be looking for Business in florida e.g. Gas station business.


Perhaps i should buy business first while i rent, and after 6 months of buying business i should hunt for home loan???

But if possible I would like to buy business and home at the same time.

Thank you all for help.





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