Question about likelihood of approval

Question about likelihood of approvalQuestion about likelihood of approval
KiffEmpappy asked 4 years ago

Hi, all! I used the advice here on the forums to help me through my mortgage application least year, and am proud to say I have been a homeowner for 1 year as of June!


Part of my home needs is a kitchen remodel. I can pay for all of it cash if I need to, but I would prefer to use this opportunity to help grow my credit. So here’s where I stand:


Credit scores here on Myfico are: EQ 654; TU 678; EX 665


2 collections (one paid off for $ 475 in 2011 but still reporting, and one for $ 5,000 in 2009 unpaid)

Current Accounts: Mortgage of $ 143,776 (paying as agreed, no lates)

HELOC of $ 17,854 (paying as agreed, no lates)

Credit Cards: Care Credit through Synchrony ($ 1,000 cl, no lates)

Best Buy MC ($ 500 limit, no lates)

Cap 1 ($ 2,000 limit, no lates)

Closed Auto Loan that was paid off in full in 2011, no lates.


My scores went down last month from 670/680 range when I used more credit during a trip, even though I paid them off in full this month, the score dip is  still there (Cap 1 reports next week)


I would like to look into applying for purchase of appliances through Sears, Best Buy, or Home Depot or Lowe’s. Can anyone give me some info on how that might go for me? Are my scores too low at this point? Does anyone have experience with any of these stores for financing a purchase like this one?


Thank you all! MyFico rocks!





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