Question About Identity Guard & Actual Identity

Question About Identity Guard & Actual IdentityQuestion About Identity Guard & Actual Identity
Spups asked 5 years ago

Hi there,


I signed up for the free 2 week trial offer of Identity Guard and while looking over everything, when I chose the Identity tab and then click on personal info tab it brings up my name, address’s. So as I was scrolling down it says “Other name associated with social security number” and the 1st 2 names are not my names, 1 is a mans name close to my age and the 2nd name is a lady’s name also close to my age, then i see my ex hubby’s name and then my name.


This has me a little worried as I have never seen these 2 names listed anyplace on my credit reports etc. Does this mean someone has gotten a hold of my ss# and is using it? What should I do? Should I even be worried about it? I have no clue how accurate Identity Guard even is as its my 1st time using it. I have never had any identity theft issue’s that I am aware of. Kind of scary so I wanted some input. Thanks

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