Question about Discover IT Double Cashback

Question about Discover IT Double CashbackQuestion about Discover IT Double Cashback
PhilipWen asked 4 years ago

I saw the thread here yesterday that mentioned it being the last day to sign up but I still see the offer on the site. Is it still available or was that only a deadline for current cardholders? I’m a little confused. Thanks.


If it is gone, it is tempting to apply for in the future because of the double cash back, plus I have a friend who will refer me which nets us both $ 50.


ETA: Additional question: Do you have to bank the cashback rewards for the year in order to have them all be doubled? This seems silly but it is one impression you can take from reading the terms. Just wanted to confirm. Thanks again.

After the first 12 consecutive billing periods that your new account is open, we will double all of the cash back rewards you’ve earned and apply them to your account in the next billing cycle. You’ve earned rewards when they have posted to your account by the end of the 12th consecutive billing period

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