qs1 pre approval?? for me??

qs1 pre approval?? for me??qs1 pre approval?? for me??
Edwardkig asked 5 years ago

First off i have horrible scores as im in rebuiling stage so i was a little surprised i got a pre qual for qs1 i usually always get the we coudnt find a match blah blah blah lol i have one baddie left on my report which im still disputing, i have two cards one with cap1 and one with credit one both havent reported yet 0 bal on one, small balance on the other, but im tempted to pull the trigger and apply since a hp is probably least of my worries…anyone think i should or just give it some time…ck gives gives me a “fair” chance at approval but i am always skepitical with them lol..anyone have good luck with them..in know i need to add a card or two but im not sure..


                                                                                    ex522 tu515 eq 498 

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