Purchasing a HUD repo, very frustrating!

Purchasing a HUD repo, very frustrating!Purchasing a HUD repo, very frustrating!
Edwardkig asked 5 years ago

Anyone else have ay experience dealing with HUD home purchase?  I placed a bid as an owner occupant, it was accepted, I was the winning bid “congrats they said”.   Jumped thru hoops, used BLUE ink, overnighted everything, which included a HUD contract & a florida bar as-is contract, on Nov 28th.  Closing date 45 days out set for Jan. 04. 


HUD has requested redo’s on both the mortgage lender letter and an amendment to the escrow holder form, minor tweaks on both.  Both origional  lender letter and escrow letter went in with the contracts, met all the requirements but apparently they didnt lol..  Both redone, resubmitted, overnighted.


Here it is December 10th and I still dont have a “binding contract”  seller; HUD, hasnt signed or returned anything……..ugh!!   I can’t wait to have to request an exention and pay HUD for the extension date becaue I recieved signed/accepted contract a day before closing date…..lender says closing will probably be late January at this rate…..realtor says we’re golden, should have no problem closing by 4th……..I dont see that happening…..xmas coming up and nothing absolutely nothing has been done, no appraisals, no inspections blah blah blah…….sorry…..venting Smiley Sad



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