Pruning store cards

Pruning store cardsPruning store cards
JosephImips asked 3 years ago

Since I had some success with Credit Solutions tonight, I took a good long look at my list of store cards and decided to close the ones I don’t use/need. They were all Comentiy, obtained by SCT, low limits, and stores I don’t regularly shop at. I regret ever opening them. Closed out J Crew ($ 250), Ann Taylor ($ 250), and Express ($ 350). Now when I look at the store card line in my signature, I’m really happy with what I see. I’m still debating on Fingerhut. I may keep it open for awhile since it’s not a tiny limit in my current profile of cards. I don’t mind ordering from them a few times a year. I think I will outgrow it as my profile gets better, but it’s safe for now!

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