Edwardkig asked 4 years ago

I can’t say thank you enough! I started about a year ago with low 500s across the board and now I’m in the 620s. I was succesful with 3 PFD offers, Got Honda to remove 2 late with a GW letter, opened up 4 credit cards, and most importantly learned what not to do in the future. I have one collection still reporting for $ 878 for 3 years ago. I have discussed PFD via snail mail with a well written letter to no avail. I contacted OC to see if he would recall and no luck. Going to go call CA and ask very nicely for PFD. If they don’t bite I’m going to offer them a settlement and wash my hands of it.

I started off with $ 300 secured First Progress, $ 500 NFCU secured. I now have those two + NFCU cash rewards $ 1000, and Cap One quicksilver one $ 1000 and have upgraded the NFCU secured to $ 2000. I plan on asking NFCU for a CLI on my cash rewards card after their first soft pull early next year. I am in the garden establishing some positive payment history and letting it build. It’s fun seeing the updates every so often! Thanks again!

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