Product change: welcome me to the Amex PRG!

Product change: welcome me to the Amex PRG!Product change: welcome me to the Amex PRG!
Williekek asked 4 years ago

finally did it and was able to PC early without waiting a whole year from my platinum to the PRG! Don’t get me wrong the platinum was a very nice card, in fact, with my short time having the card I been to the Amex lounges at the airport a few times and also used the concierge and some of the airline credit already. However I finally made my decision to change it to the PRG as the annual fee was a bit lower and I feel like I’m more a points guy than a perks guy. I love how it has 2x dining and gas which I spend most of my money on and let’s not forget the 3x travel points with $ 100 airline credit as well. The platinum was 1x points for everything. It also helps that the card is gold which is better looking than the platinum in my opinion that’s a bonus lol. I been traveling recently but I’m not sure how consistently I will I be in the future, the gold just seems like the right balance.

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