ProCollect and PFD agreement not honored

ProCollect and PFD agreement not honoredProCollect and PFD agreement not honored
MichaelApash asked 4 years ago

I sent a PFD letter to ProCollect, and they responded with a form letter agreeing to delete the collection account if I paid the debt within a certain time frame. I sent them a check to pay off the account and it cleared my bank account well within the time frame they had outlined in the letter.


Believing they would hold up their end of the deal, I waited 30 days. All 3 CB’s now show it as paid, but they have not deleted it. I sent an online dispute to TU through Credit Karma. After the investigation came back they said ProCollect validated that the debt was paid off, but it remained on my report as is. This was another 30 days. I then sent a copy of the letter from ProCollect and cancelled check to the three major bureaus. Today I received a letter from Experian that it was not enough to validate my letter requesting it removed from the credit bureau, that they were now contacting the CA. What other options do I have?



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