Problems with LO

Problems with LOProblems with LO
Williekek asked 5 years ago

Can someone please help explain to me what the role of the LO is? After reading the forum I have some concerns about the underwriting process. Because my preapproval letter states final underwriting approval is needed along with appraisal info and some standard settlement condtitions which I have no clue what that even is. I emailed my LO on 5/13 a few hours after I received the letter to ask a few questions and she never replied to my email or voicemail. Yesterday I did get in contact with her by calling the branch and actually having someone give her a message. She isn’t very friendly so I wasn’t comfortable and my mind sort of went blank and I could only think of 2 questions. 


Am I supposed to contact her if I have questions or is this considered bothersome to them? It seems there is no one else I can even get general info from at this point without being directed to her so I feel stuck. I own 2 businesses and while I do have an assistant I still check my own emails and phone calls constantly in between clients even when I’m out to dinner. So it baffles me that someone who is at there job for set days/hours can’t find the time to check there emails at least twice a day and try to reply in 48 hours max. Maybe I’m being over sensitive, but it’s not like I’m looking at cars and there are maybe 3 I love and just narrow down in a few minutes. There are at least 20 homes I like so I have a lot of narrowing down to do and also worrying whether an offer will even be accepted so this is kind of a big deal. It would be nice if I had someone explain everything to me, but Idk if that’s her job or not.

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