Problem with New Quicksilver Card

Problem with New Quicksilver CardProblem with New Quicksilver Card
Irenehix asked 4 years ago

I just left Home Depot with my brother,  where he was purchasing some building materials to do some repairs on his garage.  He selected around $ 1800 worth of building materials and tried to use his new Capital One QuickSilver card.  It’s a new card he just receivedt the other day just for the home repairs and has a $ 10,000 limit.  I recommended that he get the card since I knew he’d qualify, having a Fico of 750. 


When we tried to check out, he was asked for his id (which I found odd since I’ve bought things with my credit card there and have never been asked).  Anyway, after he showed his id, the clerk said  the transaction was declined.  Declined?  He has never even used the card before–this would have been his first charge.  The cashier tried it again but no go.


The cashier said he didn’t know why it was declined and that my brother should contact Capital One.  He wound up using his bank debit card to get the things he needed since he didn’t have the time to hassle with them this morning.  He says he’ll be contacting Cap One some this weekend, though.  I feel like an idiot for recommending the card now! 


I’ve never had this problem using a new card before and was wondering if this is something Cap One does on new cards.  His card has the chip so could that have something to do with it?


Does anyone have any experience with having a brand new Quicksilver card declined?


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