PRG to Plat?

PRG to Plat?PRG to Plat?
BorisDom asked 3 years ago

Checked DH amex offers and it says ‘apply to upgrade to platinum’ from PRG. Im wondering is it worth it? I notice the point structure is different and not as good. The lounges would be nice. I guess im more confused on the benefits. The benefits would be beneficial for us since we fly Delta quite a bit, i would think anyways.

How does the lounges work for delta sky club? And where can i find the centurion lounges?

How does the hilton benefit work?

Would the AF be pro rated or still $ 0 for the first year since thats what the PRG was?

Is additional cards $ 175 each after 3 AU or just 3 replacements or how does that work?

Recommendations of PC or stay the same?

Will his open date stay the same or does that change too?

One last question, can we PC back down the road if we don’t like it?

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