Pre-approved. Lender uses a crystal ball

Pre-approved. Lender uses a crystal ballPre-approved. Lender uses a crystal ball
AnitaFedorova asked 3 years ago

Woke up just before 1pm west coast time. At 9:30am our pre approval letter landed in my inbox.

265,375 for a LTV on 275k

This is with all them high balance revolvers still reporting. If we can get DW’s middle mtg score to 640 when the zero balances report, we can get the rate down to 3.5-3.625%. It’s expected that the rate will go down with the PIF accounts factored into some simulator my lender/magician has on his desk.

My lender uses a crystal ball. Hehehe. It was worth pulling credit early. Found two nice houses within walking distance from son’s school, and close to his high school when he gets there. One is two blocks from the middle school.

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