Pre-Approval from Guaranteed Rate Utah

Pre-Approval from Guaranteed Rate UtahPre-Approval from Guaranteed Rate Utah
Michaelrib asked 5 years ago

I am a future 1st time buyer in Northern Utah. I just received a pre approval from Guaranteed Rate for up to 300k. I am utilizing my VA benefits so no down is required. I have been in credit rebuild for a year. I have 2 vehicles financed and 3 bank CC (USAA, and 2 local credit unions) my mid score is 635 and I was approved at 4%. My yearly income is 73k. My goal is drive my score to 640 and chase a better rate. Has anyone gained an approval from Guaranteed Rate? I was surprised to get such a high approval. I will not be looking at homes in that range. Utah has a quite good market and most single family homes can be has for under 200k.

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