Post BK7 Mortgage planning in Summer of 2017…

Post BK7 Mortgage planning in Summer of 2017…Author "subzopokatuff"Post BK7 Mortgage planning in Summer of 2017…
subzopokatuff asked 5 years ago

Hi all!


Due to bad divorce from ex-wife who charged up  all of our credit cards and my cards. I was forced to file for BK chapter 7 last March 2015 and it was fully discharged June 2015. With my ex out of my picture for good after years of finiancal mess from her! I am seriously focusing on my own rebuilding with reaching a goal (in years of course) of at least 800+ FICO scores that I had before the divorce.


My goal is to buy a house once my 2 year wait is over in June 2017. I did speak with NADA mortgage group (the one with no down payment, etc…my sister used them to close her house last year, she recommended me to apply with NADA) NADA said they’ll allow me to apply for their mortgage 2 years post BK discharge.


I now have 3 credit cards soley to rebuild my credit file, Merrick $ 600 opened August 2015, Barclay Rewards opened September 2015 for $ 1,500 and lastly, Discover IT opened last week for $ 1,600. The only AF is the Merrick Visa which is due August 2016, I’m not sure how flexible are Merrick about waving AF which is $ 72. The 2 other cards does NOT have any AF. I’m not sure about applying for 4th card to replace Merrick.


What do you all recommend I do my planning from now to June 2017 which is little more than 1 1/2 years from now to work towards buying my first home? I have a lovely Finanee but she is loooking for State job, she is on disability income from social security. I make $ 60,000 plus any overtime as a mail carrier so I’m not sure how much I could buy a house IF I only apply in my name?


Any pointers? Any suggestions? Anything? Much appreicated!


Hope y’all had a GREAT Thanksgiving!



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