Possible technical error with Experian.

Possible technical error with Experian.Possible technical error with Experian.
ilbon777 asked 5 years ago

Hey everybody. Experian usually gives everyone a 10 digit report number whereby they can go to Experian and click the “view report again” link (it’s a free way to access report as many times as you like). But last week when I used the report number to view my report again, I got the “we are unable to honor your request for online access”. So I called Experian about this last week and they said that people commonly get that message because the 10 digit report numbers are only good for so long, and eventually they expire, thus people have to call in and get a new 10 digit report number in the mail. So I waited for the “new” 10 digit report number, and when I received it, I went online to Experian’s “view report again” link, and it gave me my report with no problem. Has anyone else encountered this problem?

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