[Possible Scam/Phishing] [email protected]

eeyowidoego asked 5 years ago

I just received this e-mail from the email address: [email protected]

I applied for a CapitalOne VentureOne credit card last night and was denied (another story for another day, will try to recon once I get the letter).


I stupidly clicked the link and “logged in” the third party site because I was anxious to see why I was denied. I tried downloading the Application Rejection Letter and instead of it being in .pdf file, it was a .aspx file. I thought that was weird. Then went back to the original email and realized what type of password they required of me. How stupid of me.


I’ve already ran MalwareBytes on my computer and it didn’t pick up any malware, etc. I already have a full account with myFICO which includes identity monitoring and myFICO/Credit Karma is pretty good about letting me know whenever an inquiry hits my credipt reports.


But since this website now has thet last four of my SSN, birthdate, zipcode, and email – How screwed am I, identity-theft wise?


Anybody else here ever receive an email from [email protected]e.com? I’ve already forwarded the email to [email protected].



Edit: Fixed image.

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