PLOC’s and stolen debit card

PLOC’s and stolen debit cardPLOC’s and stolen debit card
MerrillSab asked 5 years ago

Hi everyone. Quick question about PLOC’s as I contemplate adding one to my stable. I read here that most if not all people have their PLOC attached as a fail safe backup to their checking account so that there can never be a risk of overdraft/ insufficient funds/ returned checks etc… That all makes sense to me and I know they have other uses as well. My question more revolves around fraud… I personally do not opt for overdraft protection on my debit card from my savings. My reason is that if my card or info is stolen and my checking account runs dry, my personal savings won’t be touched to keep funding some fraudsters’ activity. Id rather the card just be declined. Now if I had a PLOC and someone stole my debit card info, can they theoretically just keep spending? Obviously once fraud is reported the debit card would be shut down but what happens to the balance from the PLOC ( especially if its from a different bank? ) does the debit card bank replace everything? 


Just a hypothetical question. Thanks all

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