Please help, desperate – collections, need mortgage

Please help, desperate – collections, need mortgagePlease help, desperate – collections, need mortgage
Bsaiierapi asked 4 years ago

Hi – I’m hoping to buy a first home and just pulled my credit from experian directly and also transunion/equifax via CreditKarma.  I’ve found I have two collection items on my report and need to get one or both removed asap as I am trying to buy a house.


All 3 CRAs list $ 460 with PINNACLE CREDIT SERVIC or PINNACLE CREDIT SERVICES LLC (depends on cra) from Verizon.  If memory serves, this stems from my terminating service with Verizon in 2011.  I believe the DoFD with Verizon would be sometime in 2011.  EX shows this as first opened with PINNACLE on 4/1/2014, status updated 6/1/2014 and status of “Closed”.  EQ also shows it but with first opened date as 4/29/2014 and status is ‘open’.  Not sure what this means, and why the dates differ. TU dates match EQ.


I just opened an online dispute for this with TU through CreditKarma and with Equifax via their own online dispute system.  I have not initiated anything with EX yet.  This may have been a mistake out of eagerness to get them off on my part – I read that written dispute is preferred.  I read somewhere to start with CRA dispute and then DV them immediately if they verify it.  I don’t know if that is the best route and I am willing to pay if I can get it deleted entirely although I don’t agree that I owe Verizon.  I will do that for less than 460 if it will be quicker – I don’t have 460 full to pay.  I could probably do 200 if they would agree though.


I also have $ 180 with AllianceOne from VT Judicial.  That is a speeding ticket, unanswered in winter 2014, collection opened in Aug 2014, last reported Sept 2014.  I would like to pay this and get the derog removed.  I’ll pay the full amount, perhaps I should contact the court though and inquire about getting on the docket for this?  Will they recall it from the CA if I do so?  I’d really like to respond and settle up with VT.  I have not initiated any disputes on this one and don’t plan to.


One other thing: I still maintain a primary address in NY for most account purposes although I’ve recently moved to CT.  I don’t know if there is any advantage to switching over my address to CT in terms of state departments that handle consumer protection or the AG offices or BBB, or in terms of SOL, or anything else I am not considering with respect to the PINNACLE item…


How should I proceed, keeping in mind I have entered the online disputes for both EQ and TU but not EX?  I know this tends to be a long process but I really want to get the PINNACLE item off at the very least, since that will probably get me into 700’s FICO (currently around 680 according to 2 CRAs). Pleaseeeeeeeeee help, I really appreciate the wisdom and my family will appreciate it as well Smiley Happy



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