PFD Medical Collection

PFD Medical CollectionPFD Medical Collection
Ernestacoub asked 5 years ago

Here’s the back story:  I have 9 collection accounts from Statewide Credit (a local CA) for medical bills reporting to EQ and Trans for bills that were unpaid over the past couple of years.  The reason there are so many is because they report every small amount once it’s sent their way.  I have one for $ 49 and others for under $ 200.  I have paid almost all of them, but currently have a bills in the amount of $ 975 that they are going to sue me for.  I have worked with this company in the past with my other debts and they have been very helpful.  I intended to pay these bills before they went to an attorney, but they said I would need to wait until something is filed with the court and then I can set up payments with them to pay it off before the court date so that no judgement is awarded against me.  I would like to GW the old accounts, but does it seem like I am in a situation to do so?  What are the chances I could PFD the balance that is due now and ask for them to remove all of the collections?  Having all of these is killing my scores since they are fairly recent.

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