PFD for 2 Medical Bills at the Same CA Agency

PFD for 2 Medical Bills at the Same CA AgencyPFD for 2 Medical Bills at the Same CA Agency
PhilipWen asked 5 years ago

How do I proceed?  Made the mistake of waiting for a medical bill for myself to be ran through our insurance.  No idea why, but it never did and went to Alliance Collections in December of 2014 for $ 205.  Second bill for our son went to Alliance Collections February 2015 for $ 164. I had been paying on this one monthly after it went through insurance, but they sent it anyways.  Now they are showing on my credit report, as well as my husband’s.  


I am hoping to do a PFD, we are happy to pay in full, but really need them removed.  Balance shows as 0 on the account from the OC, so pretty sure that the CA is the owner.  I have not been able to find anything on them through searching, only Alliance One.  Is it possible it is connected directly to the clinic?  The website for the collection agency always seems to be “down/unavailable”.


Considering that there are 2 accounts at the same CA, and on both of our reports…how do I address a PFD?  I want to make sure they are taken off both of our reports, not just one.  I do not want to pay twice, or leave one of us with just a Paid in Full.  Do I reference both accounts and both of our names?  I am hoping that receiving full payment for 2 accounts will be appealing?


I am so mad at myself for letting these go.  We want to buy a house next spring/summer and I know that these will not look good.  I was pregnant, in school, and struggling to keep up with the kids all while having a chronic sinus infection and a husband who works 24 hr shifts.  


Thank you!!

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