PenFed Visa Review?

PenFed Visa Review?PenFed Visa Review?
linaitame asked 5 years ago

How is the PenFed Visa? I’ve had an account with them for about 8 years but never did much there.  Just deposited enought to open it. I believe I was looking to get a car loan when I did that. The info they list for their Visa doesn’t seem to bad. Any feedback on that?


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Jackie Oney replied 5 years ago

Thank you do very much for what you do my friend, what can I do if I’m
judgement proof, I truly don’t have anything of value, no bank accounts, no
property, no job, only a social security disability check, what should I
do, do you have any videos for people in my situation?

Rick Perrone replied 5 years ago

Hello Mel, I went to American debt mediators and signed some paper over the
Internet, however wrote them an email the same day asking them to cancel
the agreement. Do you see any problems with this? Rick

Mel Thompson replied 5 years ago

Repayment Plan Settlements could be dangerous and risky.

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