alexxmerciier asked 6 years ago

Hello ….


Anyone one had any experience with a PenFed HELOC or Fixed Rate Home Equity Loan?  Their rates are great.  But I have only used a mortgage broker before for my mortgage and refi, so I’m a little intimidated to do it on my own.


What was the process?  Docs needed?  Timeline? Automated appraisal?



Peter Schiff Mortgage Bankers Speech Nov/13/06

hobahtac replied 6 years ago

I work for a big consulting firm that helped the FDIC pay out on a big
California mortgage originator after the crisis. I spent 8 weeks going
through individual loan files and everything he says about what was
happening in res real estate before the crisis is spot on.

joe doe replied 6 years ago

1:06:00 mark. So was Barry ‘invited back year after year to watch it play
out?’ I doubt it. And if he was, I’m sure he declined, like a dog running
away with his tail between his legs. That guy has no ability to predict
anything. Just listen to him rant about how great the automakers are
doing….those same automakers that had to be bailed out. That man’s advice
ain’t worth the value of the tie he’s wearing. 

James Davis replied 6 years ago

That peter schiff should get a nobel prize for economics. Hes sooo right

Tyler Winkle replied 6 years ago

What I got from the video…

Schiff: 1+1 = 2
Everybody else: Nuh UH!

bigwin2010 replied 6 years ago

Schiff is about as close to an economic Nostradamus as you can get.
Take this man seriously.

JOhn Fried replied 6 years ago

hahahha no words for him… But I guess he was paid for by WELLS FARGO who
was the sponsor of the meeting. This is 2015 and we are still in the mess
even worse with all the money printing propping up the real estate, the
economy, the welfare state etc… Wholy sheet we are gonna get “The Real
Crash — Peter Schiff” Put your seat belt on kids cause PETER is right
and the only person to tune into. GOD BLESS YOU PETER SCHIFF! GOD BLESS

Nicole H replied 6 years ago

maybe we can go to the moon that will help RIGHT

Matthew Richardson replied 6 years ago

I google’d Barry Asmus. The man is still being taken serious despite this

Wat ching u replied 6 years ago

Did the clown Barry Asmu come back?

Matthew Richardson replied 6 years ago

Peter Schiff is a prophet. Already [circa 2015] he is being laughed at

Earej replied 6 years ago

I wonder how Barry feels about this today.

Mak Muk replied 6 years ago

Factually inaccurate analysis. Just because the US runs a large trade
deficit, that does not mean the US is not exporting to the rest of the
world. The US export sector is now 13% of GDP. Back during the “glory
years” he refers to when the US ran a small trade surplus, the export
sector was never larger than 5% of GDP.

Corben Harper replied 6 years ago

“Some softness”

grE68 replied 6 years ago

8.53: the minute the chinese stop buying US dollars, its over!…he said
that almost 10 years ago. After the stunt the Swiss pulled this week I see
that worry has come back in Schiffs last Podcast. I want to say: thanks to
the chinese for their support the past 10 years.

Peter already told those 2000 mortgage-bankers 2 years before the implosion
what was going to happen..and I bet all these criminals deep down inside
already knew that was going to happen……just amazing.

timtak1 replied 6 years ago

Americans do make a few things that East Asians want. Americans are very
good with words. This not only allows Americans to hoodwink Asians with
IOUs, but it also allows them to make linguistic constructions such as
1) Theories. All Asian Universities teach Western theories. Your theories,
Mr. Schiff, will be taught in my classes.
2) Operating systems and software East Asian computers run Windows and
3) CPU sytem designs. East Asian computers have Intel or the British
company ARM inside.
4) Financial systems including the dollar, stock markets, the IMF, world
bank and insurance. The Japanese could not import oil from Iran because the
worlds insurance companies are not in Japan or East Asia.
5) Drugs, which are in a sense, theoretical. One makes good drugs as a
result of making good theories, theoretical experimentation, followed by
relatively basic manufacturing. The largest drug companies are Western.
6) Very complex manufacturing systems. There still is no East Asian
aircraft due to the complexity of managing the system fairly and
7) Legal systems and economic associations G7/8, the UN, International
Court of Justice
8) Retail systems (macdonalds, ToysRUs, Starbucks, Bodyshop) but while we
are good at creating and setting up these systems, the Japanese are better
at running them so they often get bought out by their Japanese
subsidiaries, e.g. Lawson.
9) Media conglomerates, Reuters, AFP, CNN, BBC
and basically anything that is said but not seen. The trouble is that the
things that Americans make are far easier to copy and they are not as
valuable. But the reason why the West is hanging on in there is because
they are good at manufacturing something. Take yourself.

There are good psychological reasons for this.

TF2 Tactics replied 6 years ago

did that guy die already? fucking dumbass. who is that clown?

joe doe replied 6 years ago

How ironic that this speech was given alongside a podium labeled ‘Mirage,’
as in, the big govt mirage perpetuated by the FED, the whore politicians,
and their street corner johns who keep them in office. 

John Cameron replied 6 years ago

The other guy “Eyes Wide Shut”……kudos Peter

Failed Trolls replied 6 years ago

Soooo, he was right all along……

TF2 Tactics replied 6 years ago

who the fuck is that dumbass?

Steve McCormack replied 6 years ago

SIMPLY AMAZING!! The fortitude and precision of Peter Schiff’s comments on
the economy covering all aspects including banking & lending (lending
standards, Freddy & Fanny forecast failure, sub-prime), housing prices
(will evaporate), the Dow Jones as well as his previous advice during the
IT bubble that preceded is testament to the greatness of this man. In my
opinion, Peter Schiff is the best economic mind and speaker of the times.
Absolutely, mind blowing!! #mancrush #legend

#subprime #subprimelending #subprimemortgages #financialcrisis
#financialcrisis2008 #freddymac #fanny #gfc 

gergenheimer replied 6 years ago

It’s ridiculous that less than a quarter million people have watched this
video – wake up sheeple.

lowpross11 replied 6 years ago

As an aside: Toyota leaving Torrance, Ca & moving to Texas because of the
higher taxes placed on them. Lot’s of people are leaving the state too.
Bigger crash (than 2008) coming. I’m off to slit my wrists. :-)

Corey Roberts replied 6 years ago

The idiot debating Peter at the end of the video should be shot for being
so stupid!

EconCat88 replied 6 years ago

And the bulls are goo-goo-gah-gah all over again like it’s 2005, so they
are about to be buried yet again. My channel has been flooded with bulls
with “I told you real estate would recover” driveling posts. 

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