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GeorgeFethy asked 5 years ago

Good afternoon everyone,


I just spent the last 4-5 months rebuilding my credit.  Its still in progress but its up in the 700s now after being in the 590s four months back. I am almost certain I can get it in the 760 range by the time I close on a home.  I am planning on closing on a house probably in October.  However, I just found out that a company credit card I had at a previous job sent an unpaid bill to collections under my name.  It was all company expenses and somehow it never got expensed and paid by the company.  The company is refusing to pay it saying I never expensed it on time and the burden falls on me to pay it now.  I’m not sure what to do now.  The bill is over $ 5,000 and I only used it for company expenses.  Will this end up on my credit report?  Up to this point, the card doesnt even show up on my credit report.  If I pay it I likely wont be able to afford the down payment anymore and it doesnt seem right for me to pay company expenses on my dime.  How badly will this hurt me?  What do you all recommend me to do?


THank you in advance

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Rob Monaco replied 5 years ago

Tinley Park Credit Repair

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