Paid of collection but still shows balance?

Paid of collection but still shows balance?Paid of collection but still shows balance?
cinekzetmer asked 5 years ago

Ive been hard at work with credit last few months(this forum is great) so ive gotten 2 collection completley deleted. one collection would not do a pfd but settled(i owed $ 521.settled for $ 400) I tried for less but $ 400 is lowest would go anyways..I havent pulled another hard copy but on CK they update this collection to paid but has balance of $ 121?? I thought a settlement would bring account to zero, I have a letter stating I payed the $ 421 and says right on letter account is settled and balance is zero. Maybe its just CK eporting this way? when I do my nxt real pull this should report as zero correct? The debt collector is Cavalary…i have already mailed a GW letter to remove from CR

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