PAID OC what now with CA??

PAID OC what now with CA??PAID OC what now with CA??
DavidEthix asked 5 years ago

Hello All,


Thank you for taking the time to read this post. I am learning a lot about the ins and outs of collections but i still have a few questions.


I had a medical bill for $ 250 ER visit that i hadnt paid do to waiting on my insurance to potentially cover cost. I eventually received a letter from Optimum Outcomes saying this account was in collections. The letter is marked 09/10/15 of this month.


I panicked because i am 25yrs old and have had stellar credit for almost 2 years with no missed payments on my CC or auto loan. My score is currently mid 700’s. I called the ER billing number and they lady accepted my payment in full. This leads me to believe that the OC still owned the debt.


I failed to get anything in writing, but she did mention that she would notify the CA to get rid of the account. From what i have read, i believe the CA has no obligation to do so. I really dont want a negative mark.


My main question is the following: what is the next best course of action? I read in a similar post that i should send a debt verification letter, since the debt is satisfied to the OC, the CA wont be able to verify and thus will have to delete or stop reporting. I have yet to contact the CA in any form.


I still have 10 days to dispute according to the Fair Credit law or whatever if that matters and my CR according to credit karma has no negative marks as of yet. Thank you all for your time.

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